Thursday, 31 May 2012


Here is the new blurb as promised. When the Duke of Sussex awakens from a night of drinking and excess; it is to find himself in the bed of a harlot, with all hell breaking loose around him. Everywhere there is carnage and death, with some sort of creature like "people" eating the flesh of the living. A harrowing journey ensues to find relative safety with a handful of servants, who it is now his duty to protect. This is a zombie book that takes place in a historical setting. Sword play and single shot duelling pistols replace automatic weapons, a horse and carriage replace the modern day safety and speed of cars, bringing with it, its own set of challenges. I feel like it is a wayyyy better hook. I was going to post the old one for a comparison but I dumbly erased it before making a copy. So finger's crossed this will help!

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  1. I found my old blurb...

    """Your average Regency Romance....with Zombies!!
    From the moment the Duke of Sussex's wakes up in the bed of an upscale courtesan, the book is action packed with zombies. Sending the woman to fetch him some ale, he hears her screams and finds her body being feasted upon by some sort of creature...
    A harrowing excursion back to his town house ensues; followed by his flight from London with a handful of servants to protect. This book is action packed with hard core zombie slaying action and of course, the perfect blend of romance."""""