Monday, 28 May 2012

It's a crazy world we live in.

 This afternoon as I was about to take my daughter to playschool (we were in the car in our driveway)  I received two text messages that Playschool was cancelled because of a lock down that also affected the big school.
As it turns out a man from a neighboring town, shot a woman and then escaped the police and wound up in/ around our small community 1 hour away.
The highway was closed by the RCMP and traffic was being diverted down alternate routes, (gravel roads).
This really freaked me out, because the town we live in is so small; that if a criminal was on the loose he could just as easily be on my street as main street.
I don't know if I over reacted or not, but I grabbed my daughter and my two Pugs, locked my doors and headed to my best friends remote farm 15 minutes out of town. (It is also where I would probably head if the zombies ever attack lol)
So that is where I am now, waiting this out. Perhaps all my mother's warnings of unseen dangers have made me an alarmist, but I feel it is always better to be safe than sorry.
Sadly, I have heard now that the suspect is "contained" by police in a location outside of town, but not "caught" and also has a hostage.
I find this so sad, that one person can so selfishly and completely impact another person's life on an apparent whim. I am hoping that whoever it is, is going to be okay.

   I brought my computer out here with me, so I am going to try and work on my book a little bit. (Don't you love having the type of friends that you can sit in complete comfortable silence with, each one doing their own thing) I know I do. Right now, I am blogging and she is bra shopping online haha. (true story)

On a lighter note, and a change of subject... I received another review on my book Duke of the Undead today giving me a total of 4 now. it was 4/5 Stars and said ""A Regency Romance with Zombies! What's a duke to do? This was a surprisingly great story, romance with a twist of gore, lots of action, good character interaction! A great evening's read!"" I am pretty proud of this.

I have also submitted my book to be reviewed by Ursula K Raphael, a writer/ reviewer for I am VERY nervous but am hoping for a good review as it could boost my sales IMMENSELY.
Anyways, ttyl cyber space.

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