Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Book Review

As I mentioned in my last blog, I submitted my book for a review... well the review is in. Here it is, I will copy and paste it. 4/5 Stars.

"""In this zombie tale, the Duke of Sussex is trying to get his household & a few extra survivors to his country estate when London is overwhelmed by the undead. There is no explanation of where the "beasts" came from; the Duke simply woke up one morning in a brothel, and discovered some of the working girls had become the undead. When he looks out one of the windows, Grayson sees London breaking down into total bedlam, and wastes no time getting out of the city.

I liked reading an outbreak story from a different time in history, but it was never made clear exactly what year or decade this was happening. The Duke does make a few references to the Napoleon Wars, so I'm thinking this takes place sometime after 1815. It's not like I was expecting a zombie story to be historically accurate, but it seems like the author took quite a lot of liberties with historical figures. I also thought the characters' behavior was a little unrealistic for that particular time period, but who knows how fighting zombies would change their social norms?

The fact is, I read zombie stories to be entertained, and I was so engrossed in the action that I was shocked to suddenly find myself faced with a cliffhanger. I'm absolutely looking forward to continuing with this series.""""

I am VERY happy with this review, so THANK YOU!!!!!

This is not the first review I have gotten that commented on the lack of explanation for the outbreak. So I am going to fix that right now and do a quick edit. I am also going to post a date at the beginning... (you know how some say things like June 2007) Of course mine wont say that lol... 
I am not going to give a reason per say, for the zombies but I am going to address the problem people have with no explanation and have my characters dialoug show more clearly that they have no idea how it happened.  
That is one aspect I like about doing a historical, they do not have high tec labs and things like we do now. 

Ooh, another issue I am going to fix is my blurb. The part that tells the potential reader what the book is about....well, I have been thinking and I think the reason my book isnt selling awesomely is because in trying to appeal to everyone, I have appealed to almost no one. I described it as a zombie historical romance and while that is true, I can see the zombie fans being turned off by the idea of romance (when really it isnt mushy at all) and the romance fans turned off by the idea of zombies LOL. This realization came to me just a few days ago. I was like, I have been getting AWESOME reviews but no sales (I seriously sold 1 this month! in the USA and 2 in the UK) so whats wrong??? And that is what I came up with. So I will post the different blurb when I come up with it and post the old one for a comparison and let you all know if it helps my sale. :)

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